Outdoor Spaces

Abundant Arizona sunshine.

Numerous natural grass locations exist on the stadium campus which may be used for a multitude of different exterior events.

Great Lawn

With 245,061 square feet of manicured green space surrounded by trees on three sides, Great Lawn is the perfect location to provide an iconic backdrop while taking advantage of the of the hospitable desert climate. 

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South Lawn

With permanent fencing, shade structures and drivable paths, South Lawn boasts convenient amenities for publicly ticketed events or private functions.

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Parking Lots

Multiple Parking Lots combine to over 17,000 spaces and may be used for outdoor car or RV sales, ride-and-drives, 5K run/walks, and other exhibitions. 

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Request a Proposal

To inquire about outdoor availablity for an upcoming event, contact State Farm Stadium to obtain a customized proposal. 

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